August 2021


ATDW Profile Inclusion Criteria

The following section outlines the general profile criteria, applicable to all categories. This criteria excludes any entity who on-sells other products for non-travel related products. For further details on product exclusions, see ATDW Profile Exclusion Criteria.


Tourism Operator Definitions
A tourism operator is defined as having a business operating a business or event from the categories in the following pages. The operator must meet the criteria based on the definition provided before registering. Participating operators must be located and/or operate their business within Australia. For further details on ATDW product categories, see ATDW Product Categories & Types.
Leisure Tourism Focus
The product must provide a direct service or experience to the leisure tourist
Individual Business Profiles
Each profile must only contain one product. Businesses operating multiple products from multiple categories must list
each one independently within the relevant product category. For further details on ATDW categories, see ATDW
Categories & Types.
One Accommodation Profile per Physical Property
Only one accommodation profile is allowed within each physical property.
Profile Updates
Product profiles not updated for 12 months or longer will be disabled.
ABNs and Third Party Liability Insurance
Tour operators and Accommodation providers must be able to provide proof of current ABN and third party liability
insurance on demand.

ATDW Profile Exclusion Criteria

The following section outlines the general exclusions, i.e. profiles that are not eligible on ATDW. These exclusions
are applicable to all categories.


Websites/Virtual Businesses
A website/virtual business does not have physical premises that customers can walk in to and access the products
and/or services. Instead customers view the products and/or services on the business’s website(s) and place orders via
the internet.
Exclusion Example – Websites/Virtual Businesses
A person, business or organisation, without a physical premise accessible to customers, that provides a direct or
indirect Internet/web based information for placing bookings. The website/virtual business may or may not charge a
service fee.
Travel Insurance
Travel insurance providers provide insurance to cover the eventualities of a period of travel away from home such as
cancellations, flight delay, loss of luggage, medical costs, and theft of money and/or belongings.
Exclusion Example – Travel Insurance
A person, business or organisation, with a physical premise, where customers can purchase travel insurance for
products and/or services. The travel insurance provider may or may not charge a service fee.
Human Resource Provider
Human resource/service providers supply a specific resource or service.
Exclusion Example – Human Resource Provider – Cleaning Service
A person, business or organisation, with or without a physical premise, providing a remote and/or static cleaning (e.g.
premises, clothes, cars) service to customers. The cleaning service provider may or may not charge a service fee.
Wholesalers/Inbound Tour Operators
Travel agents/wholesalers or inbound tour operators (ITO) specialise in collating products and/or services together into
packages and re-selling to consumers.
Exclusion Example – Wholesalers
A person, business or organisation, with or without a physical premise accessible to customers, providing individual
and/or collated products and/or services to other service providers. The wholesale service may or may not charge a
service fee.
Exclusion Example – Inbound Tour Operators (ITO)
A person, business or organisation, with or without a physical premise accessible to customers, providing
product/service packages containing a collation of products from single or multiple product categories. The inbound
tour operator service may or may not charge a service fee.


ATDW Product Categories & Product Type

The following section defines the ATDW product categories and types.



Accommodation establishments must offer accommodation bookable on a short term basis


Apartments have self-catering facilities (sink, refrigerator, microwave etc.). Most have separate bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, one or more bathrooms, usually a washer and dryer, and sometimes a balcony or patio. Towels and linens are provided. Daily or weekly service and other hotel conveniences are usually available.

Holiday Houses

Holiday Houses are stand-alone residences for holiday letting which may have several bedrooms allowing a group of guests to stay there together. Typically the house will include full kitchen facilities, private bathroom facilities and laundry facilities.

Backpacker and Hostels

Backpackers and Hostels provide short-term accommodation to guests, usually dormitory style. These are typically larger communal buildings offering room types ranging from individual rooms to dormitory style. They typically have a shared bathroom, social areas and self-catering facilities. Residential Colleges and University Halls of Residence can be included here.


Hotels provide short-term accommodation to guests and will have a licensed bar onsite. Rooms may include private bathroom facilities and full or limited cooking facilities. All or some meals will be available either in a restaurant located onsite, or through room service. A number of additional guest services may be available, including a swimming pool, games room and/or child care.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts range from a family residence to a guesthouse, homestead or inn. Guests will have private bedrooms, with or without private bathroom facilities. Rooms may be either in the main house or in a separate building. Breakfast is a component of the tariff and is provided either in the form of daily provisions or is prepared by a host.


Motels are typically designed to attract motorists and usually offer motel units or suites for guests and on site parking. Individual bathroom facilities are available. Breakfast is usually available and units are serviced daily. These rooms may contain limited cooking facilities.

Caravan, Camping and Holiday Parks

Caravan, Camping and Holiday Parks are defined areas with shared amenities providing any of the following forms of accommodation or the space for: cabins, tents, touring caravans, motor homes, caravans, holiday homes, chalets and bungalows. They may be with or without central entertainment and sports facilities, shops and restaurants.


Resorts provide short-term accommodation to guests in a location that encourages an extended on site holiday. Offerings may include swimming pools, day spa, child care, restaurants, licensed bars, tour desk, night life and day time activities. Rooms include private bathroom facilities and may offer some cooking facilities. Meals are available in an onsite restaurant or through room service.


Cottages are stand-alone dwellings which includes private bathroom facilities and kitchen with cooking facilities. The dwelling may be located within the boundary of an accommodation complex.

Retreat and Lodge

Lodges are situated in secluded areas ideal for quiet relaxation and immersion into a unique environment setting. Style of accommodation can be from basic to luxury and offer a specific or niche range of activities such as skiing, diving or uniquely Australian nature experiences.

Farm Stays

Farm Stays offer guests the opportunity to observe or become involved in farm life on a rural property. The accommodation ranges from self-contained or dormitory style to staying in the homestead with the family.



Attractions must be places/areas of interest that offer a distinct visitor experience to the leisure tourist.

Agricultural, Mining and Industry

Agricultural, Mining or Industry related attractions primarily offer an "experience" to visitors. This can include working farms, open cut mines or agricultural centres.

Natural Attractions

A Natural Attraction is one that has been created by nature and can be enjoyed by visitors to your destination. e.g. Lookouts, Nature Walks, Waterfalls, State Forests, Rivers, Lakes and Dams.

Amusement and Theme Parks

A theme or amusement park is an enclosed area or site that provides a variety of experiences, amusements and services often relating to a particular theme. Admission fee usually applies. This can include water parks and mazes.

Observatories and Planetariums

Observatories and Planetarium facilities are designed and equipped to observe astronomical phenomena or they house an instrument/s for projecting the positions of the planets onto a domed ceiling.

Entertainment Venues

Entertainment Venues include cinemas, clubs, casinos, licensed clubs, theatres and performance centres.

Parks and Gardens

Parks and gardens must be open to visitors. They can vary in size and include botanic gardens, arboretums, display gardens and local parks.

Galleries, Museums and Collections

Galleries, Museums, Collections, Interpretative and/or Science Centres listed here must be open to visitors with some regularity.

Shopping and Markets

Retail shopping outlets may feature if leisure-tourism forms a significant part of the business. This includes major shopping centres or arcades with a wide range of offerings e.g. Westfield Hobart, The Block Arcade, Melbourne. Other businesses need to sell local/regional designer/handcrafted wares or goods specific to the area in order to be listed. Markets include food markets or farmers markets that have a permanent venue and regular opening days. One off pop-up markets are considered Events, not Attractions.

Historical Sites and Heritage Locations

A historic or heritage site is a location where pieces of political, military, cultural, or social history have been preserved due to their heritage value.

Spas and Retreats

Spas and Retreats will provide a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through various treatments and activities.

Landmarks and Buildings

Landmarks and Buildings listed here will be objects or features that are of interest to visitors. This type can include bridges, buildings, places of worship and lighthouses.

Sports and Recreation Facilities

These profiles must specifically relate to sport and recreation. These can include indoor and outdoor facilities that would add to a visitors experience within the destination. E.g. climbing walls, go karts, gymnasiums, public swimming pools, playgrounds etc.

National Parks and Reserves

National Parks and Reserves are an area, piece of land or body of water that is protected by the state for the enjoyment of the general public and/or for the preservation of flora and fauna.

Zoos, Sanctuaries, Aquariums and Wildlife Parks

These attractions maintain a collection of wild animals usually in a park or gardens (or tank), for study, conservation and display for the general public.


Events must have a leisure tourism focus with the best potential to stimulate visitation.

Business Event

Business events suitable for profiles include: significant conferences, seminars, galas, launches, symposiums or other activities where the majority of participants will be travelling from interstate or overseas and the program will permit leisure time at the destination.

Festivals and Celebrations

A Festival event may include: film festivals, seasonal festivals e.g. Floriade, arts festivals, food and wine festivals, multicultural festivals, Mardi Gras etc.

A Celebration or Commemoration event may include Australia Day activities, ANZAC Day, New Year’s Eve, Easter Egg hunt, Olympic Athletes Welcome Home Parade, Myer Christmas Windows, Open Days etc.

Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Talks

List one off educational events here like art workshops, cooking classes/lessons and motivational/inspirational speakers. These events must highlight experiences specific to the city or region and have a leisure tourism focus.

Food and Wine

Food and Wine Events listed here will have food, wine or other beverages as the core component of the event e.g. a one off themed dinner/lunch/performance at a winery or a Truffle Hunt.

Community Event

Eligible community events must be open to the general public, in a public venue. They must specially target audiences or attendances from the broader community and interested visitors. Events for special interest groups or specific demographics are not eligible.


A market event is not a permanently housed, regular market. List those under Attractions/Shopping and Markets. Market events include one off, irregular or specially themed markets in temporary locations. Market events may include produce, crafts, special night markets etc.

Concert or Performance

A Concert or Performance may include plays, musical theatre shows, opera, stand-up comedy, circus performances, puppetry, music concerts of any genre, dance, once off film screenings and live shows

e.g. The Wiggles Live, Disney on Ice, Top Gear Live.

Sporting Events

Sporting events listed here can either be for participation, viewing or a combination of both. The event needs to have the best potential to attract interstate/overseas visitors e.g Tour Down Under, Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, V8 Supercars, World Cup Cricket etc. Interstate matches are permissible for all sporting codes.

Exhibitions and Shows

Exhibitions and/or display events listed here cannot be permanently available at an Attraction. Include that kind of information within an Attraction description. List temporary, or one-off exhibits

e.g. Open Gardens, French Impressionism.

Show events do not include musical shows - list these under Concert/Performance. Show events listed here include Easter Shows, Royal Shows, Agricultural Shows, Lifestyle Shows e.g. Caravan and Camping/Craft/Health & Wellness/Food & Wine Expos etc.


Food and Drink

Establishments targeted at leisure visitors that offer a food and/or drink experience.


Bars are businesses that sell beverage products as their primary offering. Suitable bars will be in locations suited to other leisure tourism activities or precincts.


A Food or Produce related business with a leisure tourism focus. The business can offer both "experience" and "produce", however produce must be available for visitors to purchase.

Breweries and Distilleries

Breweries offer "brewery or distillery related experiences or products" as their primary business. Suitable businesses must have 'cellar doors' that are open to the public for tastings. Experiences must be suitable for visitors to the area, not just for locals.

Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurants or Cafes offer dining, food or beverages as their primary business. Please note, this does not include fast food franchises. Other takeaway venues would be relevant in very small regional destinations where no other options exist.

Cooking Schools, Lessons, Workshops

Cooking Schools, or leisure tourism based establishments that offer food-based lessons and/or workshops are suitable in this classification. Restaurants & Cafes which offer cooking schools, lessons or workshops can be included here. Other examples may include wine tasting workshops, barista courses etc.


Suitable Wineries or Vineyards for this classification must have cellar doors that are open to the public for tastings. They offer "wine" related experiences or products to the leisure tourism market.


General Service

General Services are limited to products or services which support tourism and those who travel.


  Discount Card Provider

  Park Pass Provider

  RV Dump Points

Accommodation Booking Services

  Electric Vehicle Charging Point

  Pet Care Service

  Service Station


  Foreign Exchange



BBQ Facilities

  Fuel Stop


  Taxi Rank

Boat Ramps

  Gas Bottle Refills / Exchange

  Private Car Parking

  Tourism Applications

  Bus Stop

  General Tourism Services

  Public Showers

  Train Station

Child Care Service


  Public Telephone

  Tram Stop


  Interpreter Guide

  Public Toilet

  Transit Centre

Council Public Car Park

  Medical Centre

Public Transport Station

  Wedding Services

Dentist Motor Mechanic  Recreation / Picnic Areas  


Hire services must provide products or services hired for a specific time to be used/operated by the leisure tourist.


The business offers Bicycles for hire.


  The business offers Houseboats for hire.


The business offers Boats for hire.

  Minibuses and coaches

  The business offers Minibuses and Coaches for hire.

Campervans and motorhomes

The business offers Campervans and Motorhomes for hire.


  The business offers Motorcycles for hire.


The business offers Cars for hire.


  The business offers Tents for hire.


The business offers Caravans for hire.


  The business offers Yachts for hire.


The business offers Equipment for hire such as tents, kayaks, skis, snowboards, EPIRBs.


The business offers Venues for hire.

  Four wheel drives

  The business offers Four Wheel Drives for hire.



Admin only category. Speak to your STO if you require access to this category.

Information Service ∗  

(Admin only category. Speak to your STO if you require access to this category)


Information services are limited to airports, cruise terminals and official visitor information centres.

Cruise Terminals and Airports

Cruise terminals and airports utilised by leisure visitors.

Visitor Information Centres

Recognised Visitor Information Centres offering information services on their region.

  Journeys *

(Admin only category. Speak to your STO if you require access to this category)


Suggested journeys which can include a series of routes and waypoints. May include walking trails, scenic drives and suggested itineraries.

Day Trip

Day Trip itineraries (developed by the official DMOs of a region/place) outlining a recommended one day or less itinerary that a visitor could participate in.


Itineraries developed by the official Destination Marketing Organisation's (DMOs) of a region/place which outlines a recommended journey which a visitor could take.

Great Walks

Walks which take place over many days, includes overnight components, recommended and usually completed in groups.


Pre-defined Trails which are used for leisure purposes. Example: Walking Trails in National Parks.


Eligible tour operators must offer regularly organised tours with a leisure-tourism focus, organised by experienced guides. These may include a personal host and/or commentary.

Adventure and Outdoor Tours

Adventure and outdoor tours are activity based participation tours. Activities could include abseiling, caving, flying fox/zip line, fossicking, rock-climbing, surfing, white water rafting, segway riding, skiing, skydiving, horse riding and camel riding.

Nightlife Tours

Nightlife tours are specifically for pleasure-seekers at night. Venues may include nightclubs.

Air, Helicopter and Balloon Tours

Visitors travel in a helicopter, hot air balloon, blimp, glider, airplane, hang glider, parachute or anything else that can sustain flight.

Shopping Tours

Shopping tours generally visit a number of retail factory outlets or popular shopping precincts.

Cruises, Sailing and Water Tours

These tours are undertaken on or around water. They could include activities such as cruising, canoeing, diving, parasailing, fishing, jet boating/skiing, kayaking and sailing among others.

Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing tours visit attractions, landmarks and destinations in metropolitan and regional areas. Transport is usually provided in a coach.

Cultural and Theme Tours
Cultural and theme tours include visiting locations such as: art galleries, museums, libraries, performing arts venues and historic attractions and venues.

Sports Tours

Sports tours are based around viewing or participating in sporting events or a visit to a major sporting venue.

Food and Wine Tours

Food and wine tours include visits to vineyards, breweries and restaurants. Experiences range from tastings and education to fine dining offerings.

Walking and Biking Tours

Walking/biking tours may be guided or self-guided. They may include bush walking, or travelling on marked tracks in National Parks and reserves.

Nature and Wildlife

Nature and wildlife tours give visitors the chance to explore areas of significant natural beauty and view wildlife in their natural habitat. e.g. whale watching.



Transport companies must provide point to point travel / transfers for the leisure tourist.

Air Services

The business offers Air Services. Examples include regional, national and charter airlines.

Train Services

The business offers Train Services. These can be local or interstate train operators.

Bus Services

The business offers local Bus Services for the area.

Tram Services

The business offers Tram Services.

Coach Services

The business offers Coach Services for intrastate and interstate trips.


The business offers Transfer services. Taxi and Airport Shuttle operators are typical examples of this kind of business.

Ferry Services

The business offers Ferry Services for any kind of waterway.