User Experience Walkthrough 

NEW: Google My Business Functionality.

The new Google My Business feature enables operators to link their Google My Business account (or create one if they don't have one) to their ATDW listing, allowing all future updates to the ATDW listing in the applicable fields to sync over to Google. This integration also allows the operator to view some valuable Google generated statistics for their listing in a new dashboard under the 'Stats' tab.

Where to find the Google My Business integration.

The new Google My Business integration can be found by operators in three locations. Prompted after submitting their listing for updates, in the Stats section and in the Account section. 

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Create new ATDW Listing > Submit Listing for review > Prompted to connect listing
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ATDW Dashboard > Stats Section > Integration option available for each listing 
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ATDW Dashboard > Account Section > New Manage your integrations function.

Linking a Google My Business listing.

Once an operator has navigated to the Google My Business functionality, the linking process is the same.
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STEP 1: Click the functionality to connect to the Google My Business listing.
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STEP 2: Sign in to the business Google My Business account.

If the business does not have a current Google My Business listing, they can use the "Create Account" button to
create a Google My Business listing and profile.

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STEP 3: Follow the prompts and click 'continue' on relevant verification or permission notifications. These include 'trusting' ATDW-online to access the businesses Google My Business content. 

Some businesses may need to follow the Google verification process while connecting their listing. This can include the need to mail a verification code to their business address. These prompts are directed by Google for privacy reasons and will need to be followed to successfully link a Google My Business listing to an ATDW listing.

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STEP 4: On successful integration, the business will see they are connected and will now be able to manage applicable Google My Business fields through their ATDW account. 

Using the Google My Business functionality.

Once a Google My Business account is linked to an ATDW listing, the business will be able to manage key updates to the corresponding Google My Business listing through their ATDW account.

Applicable fields that will sync to a Google My Business include; Business Name, Business Type, Address, Phone Number, Website URL, Description, Opening Hours, and Product Image/s. 

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Adding a new Google My Business listing through ATDW. 

If a business does not have a Google My Business listing for a new product offering, they can create one through the ATDW Online Platform. Once an ATDW listing is created for the product offering, navigate to the Stats section of ATDW-Online. Select the relevant listing from the menu and select the Google My Business from the dropdown list. 

On selecting the account, a Google My Business module will open with the business's current Google My Business listings displaying. The business' product offering will display in the Google My Business module with applicable fields from the corresponding ATDW listing populated into the new Google My Business listing.   

Updating a Google My Business listing through ATDW. 

Once a Google My Business listing is connected to a live ATDW listing, the relevant fields will be synced once the Quality Assurance (QA) process approves the ATDW listing changes. For new ATDW listings, the sync for analytics access will occur when the Google My Business listing is created/connected which can be prior to QA approval, and updates to the information fields synced upon approval. 

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Google My Business insights. 

Through the Stats section in the ATDW, businesses will be able to review some insights from their Google My Business listing. These insights will appear alongside other data and information on their ATDW listing performance. Further updates on this functionality to come. 

Google My Business Listing Support. 

For any assistance or support regarding Google My Business listings and profiles, businesses will need to contact the Google support team. The ATDW is only able to assist with ATDW-online related queries and can not assist with Google My Business related queries. For more information and support, please visit our GMB FAQs or Google's GMB support page

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