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After 20 years of proudly serving Australian Tourism, ATDW is undergoing a transformation – a new name, a new brand, and a new platform are on the horizon.

Set to launch in early 2024, these exciting changes are all part of ATDW's commitment to providing our industry with even more powerful tools to enhance visibility and promote the beauty of Australia. 

We know change can bring uncertainty. That's why we created this page for our valued Destination Managers (including Regional & Local Tourism Organisations, Boards and Associations, Councils, Visitor Information Centres and more). We're here to provide you with early information and assure you that we'll support you throughout this transition to ensure your success and a seamless move to the new platform.

On this page, you'll find details about what to prepare for, fantastic new features to look forward to, changes to be aware of at launch, and helpful tips to ensure your organisation fully benefits from this exciting upgrade. 

We've done our best to cover a wide range of topics below. But, if you can't find the answer you need, we're here to help.

Please feel free connect with our friendly team at

What's changing? 

We're gearing up for the future with:

New Brand: a new name and a fresh look that better represents who we are & what we do​.
New Platform: a modernised platform with new features and enhanced functionality.
New Support: a dedicated online support resource centre to maximise stakeholder success.

Why the change? 

Tourism has changed, and so have we.

After two decades as Australia's trusted online marketplace and primary tourism content hub, we understand that times are changing. The tourism industry has diversified, technology has advanced, and our organization has evolved. As we continue to adapt to the shifting dynamics of the travel landscape, our commitment remains strong. We are dedicated to providing our industry with more robust tools and resources to boost businesses and showcase the beauty of our destinations.

Information Webinar 

Our Destination Partners' webinar was held on the 28th September to showcase ADTW's modernised Platform and provide an overview of new and enhanced features.

The presentation can be accessed via the below links. 

About The New Platform

ATDW's new platform is designed to support the evolving needs of Australian Tourism, both now and into the future. Leveraging vital feedback from our industry, the upgraded platform is set to provide an effortless user journey, new collaboration tools, speedier review turnarounds, an intuitive profile creator, and is primed to amplify visibility and distribution opportunities for tourism operators.

New Platform Features for Destination Managers

Regional or Member Overview Dashboard

New Dashboard to toggle between your own profiles and those in your region, area, membership or brand, and generate reports as needed.

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Individual Tags

The ability to create your own tags for various destination campaigns or reporting. Access granted by ATDW upon request.

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New User Permissions

Added ability to grant different users on your account different access permissions to your profiles, including Manager, Editor and Viewer.

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Enhanced QA Process

Optimised QA processes, which we anticipate will result in quicker review by our team, and ability for you to re-access profiles as needed. 


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How To Prepare For The New Platform

No special preparation is needed for the transition, but we offer these helpful tips for a smooth shift to the new platform for both you and your industry.
If it's been a while since your last login, we recommend reviewing the following steps:

  • Log In Now: Make sure you can log into ATDW-Online and access your profile(s) and account details.
    If you don't know your password, reset it here.
  • Confirm Email: Ensure your email address is correct.
    Emails will be validated in the new platform, so if it's not correct you may have trouble logging in. 
  • Update Contacts: Check and update all email and contact information, you will find this in the account tab.
    This will be where we send you information, updates and notifications.
  • Merge Multiple Accounts:  Do you have multiple accounts for your destination - maybe  one for profiles and one for distribution?
    Is so, please reach out to us at and we'll combine them into one for ease of management moving forward.
  • Check Account Users: Review the users who have access to your account and delete or update any old staff or inactive users.
    You will have new user permissions to apply post launch. 
  • Update Password:  Update your password to stronger credentials.
    Minimum 8 characters, must contain a letter, number and symbol.
  • Update Profiles: Review and update your profile(s) prior to the transition.
    Be sure to update any Destination, Journey or Info Service profiles you manage.

Frequently Asked Questions 

To explore our FAQs, just click a topic on the left, and detailed answers will appear on the right.

  • What do i need to do to get operators ready?
  • What can operators do now for a smooth transition?
  • Will there be support resources available?
  • Will there be training for the new platform?
  • Will profiles for operators remain free?
  • What analytics will we be able to access?
  • What are the new levels of user access and how do we apply them?

What do i need to do to get operators ready?

  • Be an advocate for your region and ensure that any official communications from ATDW are shared with your local operators – spread the word!

  • Any expired or inactive profiles that have not been amended, or contact users who have not accessed the platform within 2 years will not be carried across to the new platform.

  • You may wish to review your membership database/regional operator list and identify any ‘gaps’ where you can ensure that all member products are live and listed within the ATDW platform and ensure maximum coverage of your regional tourism content. Contact us for tips on how to search the platform and extract regional reports.

  • Get in touch if you have any upcoming industry events or presentations where you would like to use ATDW’s new hype reel and presentation template to inform local tourism industry members about the changes.


What can operators do now for a smooth transition?

Whilst there is nothing they have to do immediately, operators are encouraged to log in and review their details: 
  • Check their organisation contact details, assigned users and platform email log in details. They can manage and edit their account by adding and deleting users.
  • Once logged-in, review their current ATDW profile/s, making any necessary updates and amendments and submitting them for review.
  • The ATDW support team are on hand for any queries or concerns and can be reached via chat, phone or email.

See the operator details page here for info they have been provided.


Will there be support resources available?

Yes ATDW are building a support centre, containing a  knowledge base of various questions and details, as well as PDF guides and some short how to videos. 

Some of these resources will be available at launch with more continuing to be released in the following months.

We will have access to the support centre through our new website and also in the platform. 



Will there be training for the new platform?

We are looking at conducting an online webinar session with the destination managers to introduce the new platform and provide tips on using it.

This session will be held either shortly before or just after the platform is released. 


Will profiles for operators remain free?

Fees for ATDW profiles is an STO led decision based on their own strategies around enhancing the marketing for your destination. For further information on applicable fees, we recommend contacting your respective State Tourism Organisation.

If your business is located in Victoria, please refer to the Visit Victoria website for current pricing.


What analytics will we be able to access?

ATDW have recognised the important role that destinations play in the Tourism Ecosystem and as such have provided some valuable new tools and features for you to have better oversight and management of your destination or members. 

ATDW are providing in-application dashboard of members or profiles in your region, plus other reports and metrics. 

Distribution performance reports are initially being launch to STOs with the aim to share these with destinations and operators in the future. 

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What are the new levels of user access and how do we apply them?


The new platform is launching individual user permissions that you can apply to anyone within your account. These will be Manager, Editor and Viewer.

The Manager user in any ATDW account will now be able to set the relevant permission to other account users that may not need full access over all your profiles.

Upon launch all current account users will be set as Manager. We will provide information on how to change permissions with launch.


If you still have questions or if there's anything else we didn't cover, please enter your query below, and our friendly team will respond.


We're Here to Help 

For more individual information or support relating to your ATDW account, feel free to reach out to our friendly team.

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